RFID-UHF Animal Identification

The general advantages of using eID (electronic identification) technology, is that animals can be automatically identified (by the animals unique eID number) without handling the animal.

Our passive UHF Inlay/Tag has been successfully trialled with European ear tag manufacturers. It is an ideal eID solution for cost-effective animal tagging solutions.

It is the objective of the European Commission for Health and Consumers on animal and health strategy to have all livestock that enters the food chain RFID tagged. The benefits are manifold:

  • enhance consumer protection
  • improve disease prevention
  • control and crisis management
  • strengthen the present tracing and tracking system
  • reduce administrative tasks
  • reduce paper tasks
  • reduction of labor costs
  • brand protection
  • proactive rather than reactive system
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What is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)?

RFID is contactless technology, which uses air interface (electromagnetic waves) to communicate with the environment. In the graphic below, the object is a pig that has an RFID ear tag attached to its ear on which information has been stored.

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  • low cost
  • read distance 2-3 metres (6 – 10 ft)
  • bulk reading
  • fast read rates

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