Taking Control

How many roll containers, shopping trolleys, hospital beds or airport trolleys do I have in inventory, and where are they? Transportation assets, for example trolleys, require substantial investments (purchasing including servicing). With considerable capital tied to company assets it is vital to ensure visibility and adding value to your supply chain. With a simple solution, it is now possible to trace and track every Rolltainer (or object that is equipped with a castor wheel) by means of RFID and an embedded UHF Tag (with a unique identification code) in a Trolley wheel. With every Trolley having its unique identification number it becomes visible to the IT-system.

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RFID Pig Tagging

Tracing and tracking every individual animal from birth to the slaughter-house. Traceability and transparency in the food supply chain ensures quality control for the producers and food security for the consumer. RFID-UHF technology is a tool that helps create a safer environment

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